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About Poly


What is Polyurethane?

Also known as “urethane”, “poly”, or “artificial rubber”, it is a polymer which is derived from the chemical reaction of an isocyanate with polyol. Polyurethanes have been in use for over 50 years and are found everywhere in our daily lives.

A polyurethane is either a thermoset or a thermoplastic. Thermoplastic urethanes are easier to process, however the finished product does not outperform those made as a thermoset.  Durothane uses thermoset urethanes because of their enhanced mechanical properties, most noticeably increased heat tolerance and overall durability.

Why So Many Colors?

Orange, Grey, Blue, Yellow, Burgundy, are just some of the colors you might have seen in polyurethane bushings in the market.   These colors are pigment and dyes that manufacturers add to their formulation for their aesthetics purposes and have no relation to the quality of the product.

Poly VS Rubber

Rubber components have been in the market for so many decades.  However, in recent years there has been growing consumer preference for polyurethane components, which have superior properties to rubber, as described in the chart below. A rubber component might seem cheaper at first (usually about 20% cheaper) however a poly component has on average three times the lifetime of a rubber component, making it a better long-term investment.

                                                Which is Better?




 Oil & Grease Resistant



 Chemical & Road Wash Resistant



 Load Bearing Capacity



 Tear Resistant



 Abrasion Resistant



 Tensile Strength



 Impact Resistance