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  • DT1 - Shock Bushing
    DT1 - Shock Bushing
    Previous Part #= D1 Shock Bushing Cross References ManufacturerNumber International-Navistar-Dina-Famsa 401754 Kenworth 73D2002 Mack 14QK136 Peterbilt 02-00377 Severson A80BL3558 Atro PL1026 Automann...

  • DT1101 - Torque Rod Bushing
    DT1101 - Torque Rod Bushing
    Torque Rod BushingNotes:DT1101 has flanged ends to help prevent walk out. For bushing with NO flanged ends see DT1600. For Bushing with outside steel sleeve for heavy duty applications see DT1605. Cross...

  • DT1103 - Motor Mount Kit (Front)
    DT1103 - Motor Mount Kit (Front)
    Motor Mount Kit Notes:Front Motor Mount Kit for Freightliner Century and Sterling. Uses only 1 per engine. For Rear Engine mount see DT1105.Application:2007 Freightliner Century w/ Detroit S60 14L Cross References...

  • DT1105 - Motor Mount Kit (Rear)
    DT1105 - Motor Mount Kit (Rear)
    Motor Mount KitNotes:Motor Mount Kit (Rear) for Freightliner Century and Sterling. Uses 2pc per egine. For Front Motor Mount see DT1103.Application:2007 Freightliner Century w/Detroit S60 14L Cross References ...

  • DT1108 - Cab Mount
    DT1108 - Cab Mount
    Cab Mount BushingApplication:Century 112 & 120. Columbia 120 Cross References Manufacturer NumberAtroCM46-61769AutomannM17423 / M17423UBFreightliner18-34678-000 / 18-41005-000 /...

  • DT1110 - Cab Mount (Upper)
    DT1110 - Cab Mount (Upper)
    Cab MountNotes:For this mounts lower counterpart see DT1111 Cross References Manufacturer NumberFreightliner681-890-00-01 / 681-891-00-01 / LORSB33310017B /...

  • DT1111 - Cab Mount (Lower)
    DT1111 - Cab Mount (Lower)
    Cab MountNotes:For this Mount Upper counterpart see DT1110. Cross References Manufacturer NumberAtroCM46-61001 / CM46-61890 / CM46-61891AutomannM17335 /...

  • DT1112 - Cab Mount Kit
    DT1112 - Cab Mount Kit
    Cab Mount KitContent:(1) DT1111,(1) DT1110

  • No Sleeve
    DT1115 - Motor Mount
    Motor MountNotes:This part has NO steel insert. For Part with a steel insert see D48. Cross References Manufacturer NumberAtroPL1003AutomannM17330 / M17330UBDayton Parts329-116 /...

  • DT1120 - Front Eye Spring Bushing Freightliner
    DT1120 - Front Eye Spring Bushing Freightliner
    Font Eye Spring Bushing Cross References Manufacturer NumberFreightliner680-32-01-50 / 680-322-01-05AtroSP46-52800AutomannMR668 / MR668UB / MR712Clevite-TennecoMB01A834840Dayton...

  • DT1122 - Hood Mount
    DT1122 - Hood Mount
    Hood Mount Cross References Manufacturer NumberFreightliner11020 / A17-10464-001AtroPL1051AutomannM17331 / M17331UBDayton Parts329-199 / 329-199UEuclidE11853 Superseded...

  • DT1125 - Hood Hinge Bushing
    DT1125 - Hood Hinge Bushing
    Hood Bushing Cross References Manufacturer NumberAutomannMMB1000 / MMB1000UBFreightlinerLORJ7002Gaff11019ParboPBC-17002 / PBC-17002PTherco16.11...

  • DT1126 - Cab Mount
    DT1126 - Cab Mount
    Cab Mount Cross References Manufacturer ...

  • DT1128 - Radiator Mount
    DT1128 - Radiator Mount
    Radiator Mount Cross References Manufacturer NumberAutomannM17341 / M17341UBFreightliner05-16070-000 / 0516070000 / A-681-504-00-82 /...

  • DT1130 - Motor Mount Rear
    DT1130 - Motor Mount Rear
    Motor MountNotes:Rear Motor Mount. For Front See DT1132. Hardware Recommended:(2) 5/8-11" x 4" G8 Hex Bolts,(2) 5/8" lock nut nylon insert,(4) 5/8" flat washersApplication:Freightliner -120 Conventional XL ; FLD112 ; FLD120...

  • DT1132 - Motor Mount (Front)
    DT1132 - Motor Mount (Front)
    Motor MountNotes:For Rear see DT1130.Application:Freightliner-FLD120: FLD112 SD; FLB: FL80: M2 w/Mercedes Engine Cross References Manufacturer NumberFreightliner01-15047-000 /...

  • DT1140 - Front Leafspring Eye Bushing
    DT1140 - Front Leafspring Eye Bushing
    Front Leafspring Eye BushingApplication:Freightliner - Heavy Duty Front 4" Wide Spring Suspension/FL/Airtek/M2 Business Cross References Manufacturer NumberFreightliner16-14603-000 /...

  • DT1155 - Leaf Spring Bushing
    DT1155 - Leaf Spring Bushing
    Leaf Spring BushingNotes:This High confinement product does not have flange on end. For part with Flange see DT1155-ROT. Same as Dyco D46 (discontinued).Application:Freightliner - FAS II AirlinerInternational: Corporate...

  • DT1155-ROT - Leaf Spring Bushing (Anti-Walk)
    DT1155-ROT - Leaf Spring Bushing (Anti-Walk)
    Leaf Spring Free Rotating BushingNotes:Free Rotation Bushing with flange on one end. The Inner Pin will rotate. For product with no flange see DT1155.Application:Freightliner-FAS II Airliner Cross References ...

  • DT1156 - Radiator Mount
    DT1156 - Radiator Mount
    Radiator Mount Cross References Manufacturer ...

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