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  • DT1300 - Torque Rod Bushing
    DT1300 - Torque Rod Bushing
    Torque Rod BushingNotes:For Bushing with inner poly sleeve see DT1301. For hardware see DTF1305 Cross References Manufacturer NumberAtroPL1084AutomannTRB6300 /...

  • DT1301 - Torque Rod Bushing
    DT1301 - Torque Rod Bushing
    Torque Rod BushingNotes:This bushing has inner poly sleeve. For bushing with no inner sleeve see DT1300. For hardware see DTF1305. Cross References Manufacturer ...

  • No Sleeve
    DT1310 - Equalizer Bushing
    Equalizer Bushing Notes:For part with a poly insert see DT1311. For hardware see DTF1307. Cross References ManufacturerNumber Atro EQ47-35900 / PL1085 Automann TRB5384 / TRB5384UB BWP M-1808 Batco 09-2269 / 59-2269 ...

  • DT1310K - Equalizer Bushing Kit with hardware
  • W/Sleeve
    DT1311 - Equalizer Bushing
    Equalizer BushingNotes:Same as part D214. This bushing has a poly insert. For part with NO poly insert see DT1310. For hardware see DTF1307. Cross References Manufacturer ...

  • DT215 - Trunnion Grooved Bushing
    DT215 - Trunnion Grooved Bushing
    Previous Part #= D215 Trunnion BushingNotes:This Bushing is grooved and has a split. For Bushing with no groove see D218. Cross References Manufacturer ...

  • DT217 - Spring Pad
    DT217 - Spring Pad
    Previous Part #= D217 Spring End PadNotes:Use 4 per suspension. Cross References Manufacturer NumberFruehaufUCD-005635001 / UCD-5635-001Rockwell303582Watson &...

  • Split
    DT218 - Trunnion Bushing
    Previous Part #= D218 Trunnion BushingNotes:This Bushing has split and is NOT grooved. For split grooved bushing see D215. Cross References Manufacturer ...

  • DTF1305 - Torque Rod Bolt Kit
    DTF1305 - Torque Rod Bolt Kit
    Torque Rod Bolt for FruehaufNotes:Torque Rod Bolt kit used with DT1300 or DT1301.Content:(1) 1" Thread Bolt (Outside body is 1.25" x 6") (1) Nut (1)...

  • DTF1307 - Equalizer Bolt Kit
    DTF1307 - Equalizer Bolt Kit
    Torque Rod BoltNotes:Used with DT1310 or DT1311. Includes Nut and Washer.Application:FruehaufContent:(1) 1" Thread Bolt ( Body is 2" OD x 10.75 Long) (1) Nut (1)...

  • DTF1315 - Torque Rod C-C 15"
    DTF1315 - Torque Rod C-C 15"
    Torque Rod Long FruehaufNotes:15"

  • DTF1321 - Center Hanger Fruehauf
    DTF1321 - Center Hanger Fruehauf
    Center Hanger FruehaufNotes:Application: Fruehauf, Plate A50

  • DTF1322 - Equalizer Fruehauf
    DTF1322 - Equalizer Fruehauf
    Equalizer Fruehauf TypeNotes:Does not Include Bushing.Equalizer for Fruehauf Application.Uses stee A50...

  • DTF1323 - Front Hanger
    DTF1323 - Front Hanger
    Front Hanger for FruehaufNotes:Application: Fruehauf,Plate...

  • DTF1325 - Bottom Plate
    DTF1325 - Bottom Plate
    Bottom PlateNotes:Application: Fruehauf,Plate...

  • DTF1326 - Saddle
    DTF1326 - Saddle
    SaddleNotes:Application: FruehaufApplication:Fruehauf...

  • DTF1328 - Cylindrical Equalizer Center
    DTF1328 - Cylindrical Equalizer Center
    Cylindrical Equalizer CenterNotes:Application: FruehaufApplication:Fruehauf...

  • DTF1329 - Cone Shapped Steel Ring
    DTF1329 - Cone Shapped Steel Ring
    Small Cone Shapped RingNotes:Application: Fruehauf

  • DTF1330 - Coned Shapped Steel Ring
    DTF1330 - Coned Shapped Steel Ring
    Large Cone Shapped RingNotes:Application: FruehaufApplication:Fruehauf...

  • DTF1331 - Central Hanger Fruehauf
    DTF1331 - Central Hanger Fruehauf
    Central Hanger Fruehauf 16” for DollyNotes:Central Hanger for Fruehauf Trailer Application. 16" Height for...

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