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  • DT1 - Shock Bushing
    DT1 - Shock Bushing
    Previous Part #= D1 Shock Bushing Cross References ManufacturerNumber International-Navistar-Dina-Famsa 401754 Kenworth 73D2002 Mack 14QK136 Peterbilt 02-00377 Severson A80BL3558 Atro PL1026 Automann...

  • DT1101 - Torque Rod Bushing
    DT1101 - Torque Rod Bushing
    Torque Rod BushingNotes:DT1101 has flanged ends to help prevent walk out. For bushing with NO flanged ends see DT1600. For Bushing with outside steel sleeve for heavy duty applications see DT1605. Cross...

  • DT140 - Upper Cab Mount
    DT140 - Upper Cab Mount
    Previous Part #= D140 Upper Cab MountNotes:Upper Cab Mount. Use with D144 Lower Cab Mount. Cross References Manufacturer NumberMack20QL1144 / 20QL250AtroPL1132AutomannM17529 /...

  • No Sleeve
    DT1418 - Exhaust Mount
    Exhaust MountNotes:This Parts has NO steel insert. For part with a steel insert see D542. Cross References Manufacturer ...

  • DT142 - Motor / Radiator Mount
    DT142 - Motor / Radiator Mount
    Previous Part #= D142 Motor Mount Cross References Manufacturer NumberMack20QL295M / 25121334AtroMM62-62334AutomannM62447 / M62447UBGaff12026LordCB-2203-105APAI...

  • DT143 - Hood Mount
    DT143 - Hood Mount
    Previous Part #= D143 Hood Mount Cross References Manufacturer NumberMack20QL2101AutomannM62101 / M62101UBDayton Parts329-169UPAI...

  • DT1437 - Shifter Bushing
    DT1437 - Shifter Bushing
    Shifter BushingNotes:Bushing includes hardware. For bushing with no hardware see DT1438.Content:(1) DT1438 - Shifter Bushing (2) Step Bushing (1) Shoulder Bolt (1) Lock Nut Cross References ...

  • DT1438 - Shifter Bushing
    DT1438 - Shifter Bushing
    Shifter BushingNotes:Only Bushing. For bushing with hardware see DT1437. Cross References Manufacturer NumberEaton-Fuller21244 / 23311 / K-3399 /...

  • DT144 - Lower Cab Mount
    DT144 - Lower Cab Mount
    Previous Part #= D144 Lower Cab MountNotes:Lower Cab Mount. For Upper Cab Mount see DT140. Cross References Manufacturer NumberMack20QL1144 / 20QL250AtroPL1132AutomannM62114 /...

  • DT145 - Motor Mount Insulator
    DT145 - Motor Mount Insulator
    Previous Part #= D145 Motor Mount Insulator Cross References Manufacturer NumberMack20QL1166AtroPL1109AutomannM3 / M3UBDayton Parts329-171 / 329-171UGaff12017PAI...

  • DT146 - Hood Roller
    DT146 - Hood Roller
    Previous Part #= D146 Hood Roller Cross References Manufacturer NumberMack55MX26Dayton Parts329-208 / 329-208UPAI...

  • DT1600 - Torque Rod Bushing
    DT1600 - Torque Rod Bushing
    Torque Rod BushingNotes:For Bushing with Flanged ends see DT1101.For heavy duty applications see DT1605 bushing with steel outside sleeve. Cross References Manufacturer ...

  • DT1608 - Control Arm / Pivot Bushing
    DT1608 - Control Arm / Pivot Bushing
    Torque Rod Bushing Cross References Manufacturer NumberFreightlinerHDRR005422Hendrickson004931 /...

  • DT16100 - Bolster Spring
    DT16100 - Bolster Spring
    Bolster SpringNotes:Individual Bolster Spring with tie down bolt design.For Kit see DT16100A.Application:Hendrickson-Haulmaax All Model (including 400 and 460) Cross References Manufacturer ...

  • DT16100A - Bolster Spring Kit
    DT16100A - Bolster Spring Kit
    Bolster Spring KitNotes:Bolster Spring Kit tie down bolt design. For individual bushing see DT16100.Application:Hendrickson - Haulmaax All Model (including 400 and 460)Content:(2) DT16100 - Bolster Spring (1) Flange Bolt (1)...

  • DT1655 - Torque Rod Bushing
    DT1655 - Torque Rod Bushing
    Torque Rod Bushing Cross References Manufacturer NumberFreightliner151087-148Hendrickson44694International-Navistar-Dina-Famsa1693030C1 / 1693060C1 / 3249322R1Mack1688-227710 /...

  • DT1675 - Torque Rod Bushing
    DT1675 - Torque Rod Bushing
    Torque Rod BushingNotes:For Bushing with free rotating pin see DT1675-ROT. Used as sway bar bushings as well. Cross References Manufacturer NumberGMC-Chevrolet15533772 / N8800599 /...

  • DT1675-ROT - Free Rotation Torque Rod Bushing
    DT1675-ROT - Free Rotation Torque Rod Bushing
    Free Rotation BushingNotes:This inner pin of this bushing with rotate for ease on instalation. For bushing with a fixed inner pin and outside sleeve see DT1675. Used as sway bar bushings as well. Cross...

  • DT1950 - Spring Eye Bushing
    DT1950 - Spring Eye Bushing
    Spring Eye BushingNotes:Spring Eye Bushing for Rear of Front Suspension.Application:Mack - CH/CL/RW/MH Series 3.5" Wide Spring Cross References Manufacturer NumberMack10QK254M /...

  • DT26M - Hood Pin
    DT26M - Hood Pin
    Previous Part #= D26M Hood PinNotes:Thread .375”, 1.25” Thread sticking out Cross References Manufacturer NumberAtroHM62-64M31AutomannM17402 / M17402UBEuclidE-7467PAI...

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