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Motor Mounts

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  • DT1103 - Motor Mount Kit (Front)
    DT1103 - Motor Mount Kit (Front)
    Motor Mount Kit Notes:Front Motor Mount Kit for Freightliner Century and Sterling. Uses only 1 per engine. For Rear Engine mount see DT1105.Application:2007 Freightliner Century w/ Detroit S60 14L Cross References...

  • DT1105 - Motor Mount Kit (Rear)
    DT1105 - Motor Mount Kit (Rear)
    Motor Mount KitNotes:Motor Mount Kit (Rear) for Freightliner Century and Sterling. Uses 2pc per egine. For Front Motor Mount see DT1103.Application:2007 Freightliner Century w/Detroit S60 14L Cross References ...

  • No Sleeve
    DT1115 - Motor Mount
    Motor MountNotes:This part has NO steel insert. For Part with a steel insert see D48. Cross References Manufacturer NumberAtroPL1003AutomannM17330 / M17330UBDayton Parts329-116 /...

  • DT112 - Motor Mount
    DT112 - Motor Mount
    Previous Part #= D112 Motor Mount Cross References Manufacturer NumberKenworthK066-381AutomannM17425 /...

  • DT113 - Motor Mount (lower)
    DT113 - Motor Mount (lower)
    Previous Part #= D113 Motor Mount (Lower)Notes:Front Lower Motor Mount. Used with Upper part #D108. For Kit see DT1433 Cross References Manufacturer ...

  • DT1130 - Motor Mount Rear
    DT1130 - Motor Mount Rear
    Motor MountNotes:Rear Motor Mount. For Front See DT1132. Hardware Recommended:(2) 5/8-11" x 4" G8 Hex Bolts,(2) 5/8" lock nut nylon insert,(4) 5/8" flat washersApplication:Freightliner -120 Conventional XL ; FLD112 ; FLD120...

  • DT1132 - Motor Mount (Front)
    DT1132 - Motor Mount (Front)
    Motor MountNotes:For Rear see DT1130.Application:Freightliner-FLD120: FLD112 SD; FLB: FL80: M2 w/Mercedes Engine Cross References Manufacturer NumberFreightliner01-15047-000 /...

  • No Sleeve
    DT1415 - Motor Mount
    Motor MountNotes:This mount has NO inner steel sleeve and has a inner wall thickness of .28".For Mount with a inner steel sleeve see D326 (inner wall thickness of .38").For mount with a inner wall thickness of .18" see D4...

  • DT142 - Motor / Radiator Mount
    DT142 - Motor / Radiator Mount
    Previous Part #= D142 Motor Mount Cross References Manufacturer NumberMack20QL295M / 25121334AtroMM62-62334AutomannM62447 / M62447UBGaff12026LordCB-2203-105APAI...

  • No Sleeve
    DT1422 - Motor Mount
    Motor MountNotes:This Mount does NOT have a steel insert. For Parts with steel Insert see D7 or D432. Review dimensions for exact fit. This part has a flat bottom. Cross References Manufacturer ...

  • No Sleeve
    DT1423 - Radiator / Motor Mount
    Radiator / Motor MountNotes:This part has no steel insert. For part with steel insert and tapered bottom see D6. For part with steel insert but NO tapered bottom see DT1489.Application:Freightliner/Kenworth/Peterbilt -...

  • DT1424  - Motor Mount
    DT1424 - Motor Mount
    Motor MountNotes:DT1424 has profundly shamfered tips and is shore 85A durometer. For slightly shamfered tips see D22 (shore 75A).D328 (shore 90A) and D22 (shore 75A) are discontinued.Application:DT1424 has profundly...

  • DT1425 - Motor Mount
    DT1425 - Motor Mount
    Motor MountNotes:Same as D114 (durometer 80A) and D115 (durometer 75A). Upper motor mount for rear of engine. For lower mount of rear see DT1426. For Front Motor see DT1433. Cross References ...

  • DT1426 - Motor Mount
    DT1426 - Motor Mount
    Motor MountNotes:Lower Motor Mount for Rear. This lower mount is used with upper mount DT1425. Cross References Manufacturer NumberKenworthK066-421AtroKT59-62001 /...

  • DT1429 - Motor Mount
    DT1429 - Motor Mount
    Motor MountNotes:Only poly motor mount. For mount with reinforced steel plate see DT1430. Cross References Manufacturer NumberKenworthK174-555 / K174-B456AtroPL1014AutomannM17408 /...

  • DT1430 - Motor Mount
    DT1430 - Motor Mount
    Motor MountNotes:Mount has reinforced steel plate. For mount that is completly poly see DT1429. Same as D21 (discontinued). Cross References Manufacturer NumberKenworthK174-555 /...

  • DT145 - Motor Mount Insulator
    DT145 - Motor Mount Insulator
    Previous Part #= D145 Motor Mount Insulator Cross References Manufacturer NumberMack20QL1166AtroPL1109AutomannM3 / M3UBDayton Parts329-171 / 329-171UGaff12017PAI...

  • DT1489 - Radiator / Motor Mount
    DT1489 - Radiator / Motor Mount
    Radiator / Motor MountNotes:This part has a steel insert. For part with NO steel insert see DT1423. For part with a tampered bottom for better support see D6.Application:Freightliner/Kenworth/Peterbilt-Radiator Mount Western...

  • DT17 - Motor Mount
    DT17 - Motor Mount
    Previous Part #= D17 Motor Mount Cross References Manufacturer NumberFreightliner23-09726-004LordCB1125-2 / CB11252A / CB11254Peterbilt05-16401 / 05-16919Western Star05-16919 /...

  • DT18 - Motor Mount
    DT18 - Motor Mount
    Previous Part #= D18 Motor Mount Cross References Manufacturer NumberPeterbilt05-17224AtroPL1120AutomannM51724 / M51724UBDayton Parts329-192 /...

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